Doppia Panna e Alici

Trapizzino with Double Cream and Anchovies

Ingredients: Stracciatella di burrata, Anchovies

In Rome in fact, doppia panna is a way of enriching the ice cream cone, in which cream is put under and on top of the chosen flavors.

Similarly, the Trapizzino Doppia Panna is made from stracciatella di burrata put under and on top, with Cantabrian anchovies in between.

The secret lies in the double layer of Burrata stracciatella, which makes this Trapizzino fresh and enjoyable; and in between, the Cantabrian anchovies in oil, meaty and savory. To close, the Trapizzino pizza: crispy on the outside and soft on the inside… and here’s the Double Cream and Anchovies flavor.