The Supplì is Roman

The roman Supplì

Steaming and seasoned risotto, left to cool and rolled up to hide in its centre a surprise, or rather an overtake, like the etymology of the word surprise suggests. Finally, it is breaded and fried.

A great classic that we prepare using only Carnaroli rice, the best for risottos, which we then fry with FRIENN oil, without palm oil. What about the breading? With our Trapizzini, dried for the purpose, which give the Supplìs a memorable consistency, and that, for years, has made them be among the rankings of the best Supplì in Rome.

From France to Rome, from Surprise to Surplì, to our Supplì, in which we hide so many surprises: starting from the classic supplì “al telefono” with stringy mozzarella – to the unexpected Supplì with Tortellino, mortadella
and nutmeg.

Every day, in every single Trapizzino in Italy and in the world, you will find many different recipes but the same attention to detail. And here are some of the flavours you will find!

  • Classic Supplì
  • Tortellino Supplì
  • Cacio e pepe Supplì
  • Amatriciana Supplì
  • Supplì con regaje di pollo
  • Supplì “ajo e ojo” style
  • Supplì leeks and taleggio cheese
  • Supplì “gricia” style
  • Supplì sausage and friarielli
  • Supplì with Porchetta
  • Supplì with melanzane sauce

Stefano Callegari and Trapizzino’s Supplì