Trapizzino Piazzale delle Provincie

Trapizzino in Piazzale delle Provincie is Coming Soon!
We serve Trapizzini, supplì and a selection of national and craft beers.


All for 4€

Today's menu:

  • Pollo alla cacciatora
  • Polpo al sugo
  • Polpetta al sugo
  • Parmigiana di melanzane
  • Zighinì
  • Lingua in salsa verde
  • Doppia panna
  • Padellaccia di maiale
Aggiornato il: 23/07/2021

All for 2€

Today's menu:

  • Supplì classico
  • Crocchetta di patate e provola
  • Ortolano
  • Punto G
Aggiornato il: 23/07/2021

Kids Menu

The Surprise Menu is ideal for children: a Trapizzino, a bottle of water, a homemade cookie and a surprise directly from ancient Rome!


In Rome you can have Trapizzini delivered straight to your home!
The delivery service from our premise in piazzale delle Provincie is offered by Justeat.


Good, quick and inexpensive

I found it by accident and I am very happy about discovering this little gem. It is a take out place on the Ponte Milvio Square. Their bread resembles a “fat” pita bread and they fill it with delicious food. I tried the Padellaccia di Maiale (pork) and the Garofolato di Manzo (beef): Both were excellent. I think I will become a regular because they have a large selection and they all look very good. The staff is super friendly and very helpful.


Fabulously tasty, cheap dinner with excellent service

Terrific food — we had 4 kinds of supply (friend rice balls), most were 1 euro each, and 4 kinds of trapizzino (meatball, tongue, cheese, brisket), all delicious, the bread is amazing, washed down with Baladin beer. Excellent service. Call ahead to reserve a tiny table. The only downside is the stools are tiny and uncomfortable, so you’ll not want to linger.