Trapizzino & Wine: our philosophy

Trapizzino, just like wine, is friendliness, territory and sharing.

Torino, La Vineria

La Vineria is the space in which conviviality find its representation.

A Wine List with over 200 labels chosen with passion and expertise by Paul Pansera: Italian winemakers and Champagne and a special attention to Piedmont: alongside with the most iconic labels, you will find bottles that are the expression of wonderful local wineries.

Proposals that can be enjoyed in the bottle or by the glass, according to a philosophy that is as simple as it is clear: sharing, experimenting, having fun.

A place to live, open all day until late evening.

Trapizzino, Rome’s winery

In the heart of Trastevere, a long counter, table service and a wine list dedicated to the winemakers of Lazio, carefully chosen with the collaboration of sommelier Luca Boccoli.

A wine list that brings together over 100 Lazio labels, in a local tale that starts with the Trapizzino and ends up in the chalice. Wines for every taste and pocket, the desire to introduce the Cesanese del Piglio is accompanied by the curiosity of proposing unexpected bottles, great classics, biological and biodynamic.

Let’s toast together in Milan

Lazio and Lombardy meet and toast together in via Marghera 12. Many wine proposals from Lombardy are added to the Lazio labels, with small producers from Valtellina to Franciacorta, reaching the outskirts of Milan.

And, of course, a tribute to the great Milanese tradition of Campari: Negroni, Americano and Trasteverino, a bottled drink made with a Campari born in Rome, in the winery of Piazza Trilussa. And finally, a gin tonic using a Lazio gin, the Leardini.

Stories of vineyards and winemakers

Trapizzino has become the place of Wine Stories, told by the winemakers, along the road traced by territory, people and passion. There are many evenings dedicated to stories from the vineyard … and from the bottle:

  • The Cesanese Festival, now in its second edition, which brings together over 15 producers from Lazio dedicated to the production of Cesanese
  • Lazio da Bere, an evening with the young winemakers of Lazio and their vineyard stories
  • Fioranello for Christmas, a december evening dedicated to Fiorano, the wine of Rome.